UPDATE On 45th Anniversary Show At Carlisle


Another update about the AAR & T/A Reunion at Carlisle next month;

The seminar time has moved to 1:30 – 2:30 in the afternoon (Friday & Saturday).

Bob Tarrozi will be next up from 2:30 to 3:30,(also Friday & Saturday) so have your factory race car program questions ready.

The Carlisle staff also had the stickers pictured made up, everyone there with an AAR or T/A will get two just for being there.

Other items to commemorate the anniversary will be available to purchase as well, the proceeds will go towards keeping the registries afloat.

We will see you all soon!

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The first Black AAR with Red Interior has been found.
It is also an automatic on the floor.
It is a full tubbed race car too.

I will post more info on this car as it becomes available. This is an AWESOME find.
Im so stoked!!!!
Thanx to Charles for sending in the info.

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Broadcast Sheet Lost and Found Section

Ive had to make a temporary changes to the Lost and Found Section. Ive had 2 owners contact me to claim broadcast sheets I had listed on the site. But however.. the email address and phone number listed at the time is no longer valid. So I am asking anyone who submitted any request either looking for or found to please send me current physical mailing address and your home phone number if possible. And if anyone has a request and hasn’t contacted me before please send in your info and as stated above please send me your physical mailing address and current home phone number if possible and I will add your request to the Lost and Found Section. Thank you!!!! Email Me

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Welcome to the new Transamcuda.com!!!!

Well to say this has been long over due would be a massive understatement!! lol But im back and the site is new and things are just about all caught up. With the last update to the registry the numbers should be well over 1600 AAR’s on file. That is AWESOME!!! Thanx to each and everyone of you for taking the time to send your info in. I still have to finish the on line registration page as well. In the mean time if anyone has any questions or finds something on the site not working please Email Me

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45th Anniversary for the AAR Cuda and T/A Challenger

Its official!!! Barry Washington and I spoke with Ed Buczeskie from Carlisle Events and the 45th Anniversary for the AAR Cuda and T/A Challenger is a go for this year at Chryslers at Carlisle July 10 – 12. I will be handling the AAR’s and will be looking for cars to consider to be placed in Building Y. I will be looking for cars that haven’t been featured in the past reunions we have done. So if you have a barn find or survivor car or show quality car please message me with pix of the car and details. I will also be looking for a survivor AAR to use at our tent to reference during the seminars we will be putting on through out the weekend. I will also be contacting current owners of the original race cars to see if possible to bring them to the event. Any other questions please message me...

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