Broadcast Sheets and Other paperwork

Looking for any and all paperwork related to AAR’s. If you have broadcast sheets,dealer information,warranty information etc. etc. drop me a line and or send it to me please. I have 6 people who went to claim broadcast sheets and other items from the Lost and Found section but the cell phone numbers/email address’s were no longer valid. So while they know someone has their cars sheet or engine etc. etc. they cant claim it. Had any of the sheets or paperwork been on file here at the registry I could have gladly sent it to them with proof of ownership. So please think about sending in any paperwork you might have that doesnt belong to your car. Contact me if you have any questions. Email Me Thanx

EDIT: I just received this question.

“How much do you charge for the broadcast sheets and other items people send in???” I dont…The only exception to this is if I purchased something from E-Bay or Craigslist etc. etc. I will give that person the choice to pay me what I payed for the item. If they choose not to reimburse me what I payed I still give them the item. I would rather the item be here on file then have them overpay for it from someone else.