AAR Cuda Vin List


As of 10/22/16 there are 1700 AAR Cuda on the registry.

If you have registered your AAR Cuda in the past and want to see your name by your car please email me and let me know.

I only show full vins for Broadcast Sheets,Engines or Transmissions that I have info for. While looking at the list please do not assume I have your car on file if you see a car on the list with the same color and options that starts with the same first 3 numbers as yours. 


<h2>Question : “How can I tell if my AAR Cuda is registered with you???”</h2>

Contacting me is the easiest way to find out if your car is on file.  
Any questions please email me by clicking here Thank you!!!

Here is the latest color break down for the AAR Cudas to this point. This is what we know exist.
This is subject to change as more are registered.

1 – DY3                   51 – FJ6                  90 – EK2                     Again. This is what we know exists at this time and
1 – EB3                   56 – EW1                90 – FK5                      IS NOT a set number. It can increase as more cars
2 – FT6                   66 – FF4                105 – EV2                     are registered with the site and information is sent
4 – EB7                   85 – FJ5                109 – FC7                      in. Please keep that in mind. If you would like a
30 – TX9                 87 – EB5               148 – FY1                       break down of a certain color with certain options
48 – FM3                 87 – EF8               194 – FE5                       please email me for details by clicking here.


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