My new AAR BS23J0B294167

So after a long search for the right AAR Cuda for myself and to represent the website and what I do I purchased the car you see here. Here is a little history on the car.

Mike Schotz purchased the car from Schmitts Chrysler Plymouth in Bowmansville, N...

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AAR Cuda Registry Numbers And Updates

2016 will be an even bigger year for and the AAR Cuda Registry.

As of 1/13/16 we are at 1687 AAR Cudas on file. A HUGE jump in numbers since this past Chryslers at Carlisle. Thank you to all who have registered their AAR Cuda or who have sent in information from broadcast sheets to dash tags and dealership invoices. I appreciate all the help and it only helps me to help others when they contact me looking for info on their AAR Cuda. I will be uploading the latest updated registry list to the site over the next week or so once I go through and double check everything. Also I will be posting a big announcement in the next month or so about an upcoming project I am putting together with Barry Washington. So keep an eye out for that...

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Broadcast Sheets and Other paperwork

Looking for any and all paperwork related to AAR’s. If you have broadcast sheets,dealer information,warranty information etc. etc. drop me a line and or send it to me please. I have 6 people who went to claim broadcast sheets and other items from the Lost and Found section but the cell phone numbers/email address’s were no longer valid. So while they know someone has their cars sheet or engine etc. etc. they cant claim it. Had any of the sheets or paperwork been on file here at the registry I could have gladly sent it to them with proof of ownership. So please think about sending in any paperwork you might have that doesnt belong to your car. Contact me if you have any questions. Email Me Thanx

EDIT: I just received this question.

“How much do you charge for the broadcast sheets and other ...

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Color totals for AAR’s

Recently I have read a few posts concerning numbers for certain colors made for AAR’s. While it would be awesome to have such a list to be able to reference from when this questions comes up there isn’t such a list. Ive also read where people list percentages for colors and this is completely inaccurate. We have to go by what we know exist or what has been registered to this point. The old number of 7 TX9 AAR’s was from the early 80’s or for the T/A’s the 14 known FM3 T/A’s is long ago and even then was incorrect. Here is the current list which I made final the night before Chrysler’s At Carlisle. This is what we know exist at this time. And these numbers can and will change as more cars are registered or found.

As of 8/30/2015 These are the colors we know exist for AAR’S

BL1 – 1

DY3 – 1 ...

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The first Plymouth AAR Cuda Black with Red Interior has been found.

It is also an automatic on the floor.
It is a full tubbed race car too.

I will post more info on this car as it becomes available. This is an AWESOME find.
Im so stoked!!!!

UPDATE!! The car is now under going a restoration and will be returned to its factory stock appearance. Am looking forward to see the end result. Would be nice to see both the AAR Cuda and T/A Challenger TX9/H6E4 side by side at the next reunion. Hopefully the AAR will be done by then.

Thanx to Charles for sending in the info.

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Broadcast Sheet Lost and Found Section

Ive had to make a temporary changes to the Lost and Found Section. Ive had 2 owners contact me to claim broadcast sheets I had listed on the site. But however.. the email address and phone number listed at the time is no longer valid. So I am asking anyone who submitted any request either looking for or found to please send me current physical mailing address and your home phone number if possible. And if anyone has a request and hasn’t contacted me before please send in your info and as stated above please send me your physical mailing address and current home phone number if possible and I will add your request to the Lost and Found Section. Thank you!!!! Email Me

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