Body and Interior Colors

This page shows you the different
body and interior colors that were available for AAR’s and T/A’s

                                              AAR                                         T/A

BL1                           Sand Pebble Beige                            Beige                           

DY3                                Yellow Gold                                  Cream

EA4                              Silver Metallic                       Platinum Metallic (Late 70)

EB3                             Ice Blue Metallic                    Light Blue Metallic

EB5                            Blue Fire Metallic                   Bright Blue Metallic

EB7                        Jamaica Blue Metallic              Medium Blue Metallic

EF8                            Ivy Green Metallic                  Dark Green Metallic

EK2*                          Vitamin C Orange                          Go-Mango

EV2*                                 Tor-Red                                  Hemi Orange

EW1                              Alpine White                            Eggshell White

FC7*                          In-Violet Metallic                            Plum Crazy

FE5                                Rallye Red                                  Bright Red

FF4                         Lime Green Metallic                  Light Green Metallic

FJ5*                               Lime Light                                    Sub Lime

FJ6*                        Sassy Grass Green                            Green Go (Late 70)

FK5                 Deep Burnt Orange Metallic           Dark Burnt Orange Metallic

FM3*                           Moulon Rouge                                Panther Pink (Late 70)

FT6                          Burnt Tan Metallic                          Dark Tan Metallic

FY1*                            Lemon Twist                              Top Banana Yellow

FY4                        Citron Mist Metallic                         Light Gold Metallic

TX9                              Black Velvet                                         Black             

*   Denotes High Impact Colors

Interior Options

AAR Vinyl Bucket Seats     AAR Interior Picture

H6B5 Bright Blue    

H6E4 Red      

H6F8 Dark Green     

H6T5 Saddle Tan  

H6X9 Black

H6XW  White

T/A Vinyl Bucket Seats  T/A Interior Picture

H6B5 Blue    

H6E4 Red      

H6F8 Green     

H6K5 Burnt Orange  

H6T5 Tan  

H6X9 Black  

H6XW  White


White vinyl interiors were also available on both AAR’s and T/A’s regardless  of exterior color. 

A white vinyl bucket seat interior used code H6XW.
With this package you received white seats and seatbacks, headliner, door panels and rear side panels.

The other parts of the interior were black including the dash pad, carpet, horn button, steering column, speaker shelf, console, and front kick panels.

There have been documented exceptions to this rule.

These cars still had all the white pieces but the other interior parts were color coded to the package code requested.

The other package codes known are

H6BW for blue.

H6FW for green.

H6EW for red.

So far 3 AAR’s and NO T/A’s have been found with these interior codes.
If you own an AAR Cuda or Challenger T/A with this option please contact me and Ken Bowser. Thanx


Ken Bowser says on his web site that both AAR’s and T/A’s use the same code for Black. And Bright Blue and Dark Green were called just Blue and Green with white interior.

Thanx Ken



Cloth and Vinyl Bucket Seat Codes


The T/A was available with these optional color interiors


H5K4 Burnt Orange    

H5B5 Blue

H5F8 Green        

H5X9 Black

Again Ken says that the T/A Registry has some cars listed as having a Black & White cloth and vinyl interior and was coded H5XW.

Drop Ken a line if your T/A has this option.

Some AAR’s could have come with a premium cloth and vinyl interior in

P5X9 Black


Leather Seat Option


AAR’s and T/A’s were both available with leather interior.
the front seats were leather.
The rear was plain vinyl. These are
the AAR colors.

PRX9   Black         

PRXW  Black and  White       

PRT5   Saddle Tan


T/A Leather Interior Colors


HRX9   Black                       

HRT5   Tan         

HRK4   Burnt Orange



AAR Vinyl Split Bench Seat Colors


H4B5  Bright Blue   

H4F8  Dark Green   

H4X9  Black


When combined with the White interior Bright Blue and Dark Green were called just Blue and Green. As far as I have seen there never was a Red with White color combination offered. And again Ken says the production announcement never mentioned it.
These were the color combinations with White.

H4BW   Blue and White   

H4FW  Green and White   

H4XW  Black and White



T/A Vinyl Split Bench Seat Colors


H4B5 Blue                         

H4X9  Black             

H4XW Black and White


If you have any questions about Body or Interior color options please E-Mail me and I will try to answer all questions to the best of my ability.

Please check out Ken Bowsers site for more info on this. 
You will find it very informative!!!!!! And tell him I sent ya!!!!!