Plumcrazy describes this site well!!!! Fast cars and HOT!!! Girls!!!! What more could you ask for?? There are a ton of things to look at on this site!!!!!

Here is Ken Bowsers website. This is one awesome site!!! He is another fan of AAR's and T/A's and the site shows. Stop by and check it out he works hard on it so let him know what ya think!!.


The ALL NEW Challenger T/A Registry stop by and say hello to Barry and tell him I sent ya!!!!!!


Trim Tags, Data Plates Backeast, A.G.Backeast, car plates restored, restore data tags, restorer of tags and plates, 

trim tags, data plates cowl tags, fender tags, patent plates, warranty plates, Our work is on numerous

national prize winners and magazine feature cars: The entire

Fomoco family, including trucks, from 1949 to 1969; G.M. cars back to 1928; Mopars of the

50's to 70's and orphans such as AMC, Kaiser - Frazer, and

Henry J. We make tags for AMC, Buick, Cadillac, Camaro, Chevelle, Chevrolet, Chrysler, Corvette, Dodge, DeSoto, Edsel, Ford, Frazer,

La Salle, Henry J, Kaiser, Lincoln, Mercury, Mustang, Oldsmobile, Plymouth, Pontiac, Shelby, Thunderbirds and trucks.
Help is available for bent, corroded, sand blasted, missing tags most makes and years 1928 up.   Mopar fender tags and Certicards a specialty.   Inquire with details of make, year, model, and problem  Note:  Real cars only need apply, we don't  work on clones or hallucinations. 
Here is a link to Dennis Drakes New Buisness. Dennis Has been very helpful in contributing to the vin list and keeps me on my toes. Check out his site to see what parts he has and if he can help you find that missing piece to your car!!!!


Check out Jerrys AWESOME Site for his Yellow AAR 'Cuda!!!! and other related articles and pix and sites!!!!!

This is Mikes AAR 'CUDA Personal Page. He worked long and hard on this AWESOME car and his web site shows you step by step on how he did this!!!!!



The AMX-perience/Trans-Am Javelin has enough historically accurate information on the American Motors AMX and the 1968-72 Trans-Am series to keep you busy for hours.

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Stop by and check out my car club I belong to and if you like what ya see join us!!!


A very unique site!!! Lots of extensive information on the Ford contingent that raced in the 70 season as well as other years too. Have to check this one out!!


Stop by Mopar Matts and tell'm I sent ya!!!!!!


Checkout Dans HEMI CHALLENGER Web Site. One Awesome Site!!!


Checkout the Mid-America E-Body Mopar Club!!! Its an E-Body site what more could ya want??!!!!


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Checkout the AAR and T/A Site ring. It lets you know where else to go for other TRANSAM MOPAR sites!!!!



Here is a link to Dan Gurneys site.


Here's the Swede Savage Tribute Web Site. Stop by and Check it out!!!! http//


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Checkout Dereks site!!! He has some AWESOME E-Bodies and photos of his restorations!!!




  We mfg all the detailing decals for just about any mopar going. We have been in business for 30 years. we make some owners manuals, a few sales brochures, and around 650 different decals. Check out our site to see what all we make!!!


Check out Dart Girls Web Site!!!! Gotta love those little A-Bodies!!!




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